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In The Night Room by Peter Straub (Audiobook Review)

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”InIn the Night Room
by Peter Straub
narrated by Scott Brick

Copyright: 2004 Books on Tape
Duration: 10 hours 43 minutes unabridged
Genres: horror, supernatural
Filed in: Audiobook Reviews
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PUBLISHER’S SUMMARY: Willy Patrick, the author of the Caldecott-winning young-adult novel In the Night Room, thinks she is losing her mind again. Two weeks before her second marriage, on her way home one day, Willy is drawn into the parking lot of a warehouse. Knowing that her daughter, Holly, is being held in that building, she wants to rescue her. But what she knows is impossible, for her daughter is dead.

On the same day, author Timothy Underhill, struggling with a new book about a troubled young woman, is confronted with the ghost of his 9-year-old sister, April. Soon after, Underhill begins to receive eerie, fragmented e-mails that he finally realizes are from dead people whom he knew in his youth. Like his sister, they want to tell him something. When Willy and Timothy meet, they recognize each other, realizing that they must join forces to confront the evils surrounding them.

©2004 Peter Straub; (P)2004 Books on Tape, Inc.

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Tim Underhill, popular novelist, is about to begin a journey into unspeakable terror. It begins with the emails. Messages bearing user names but no domains and ominous text such as “hard death hard” begin arriving in Underhill’s inbox. Some of the user names seem vaguely familiar to Tim, and a phone call to the secretary of his graduating class confirms his suspicions. The emails are from dead people. If that isn’t bad enough, Underhill also finds himself being stalked by a crazed fan. The lunatic, Jasper Kohle, asks Underhill to sign dozens of copies of his books, all the while condemning him for the mistakes he has made in his books. To cap things off, while at a bookstore signing, a character from Tim’s latest book shows up. Underhill recognizes her immediately, he created her after all, and soon the two are on the run from a couple of hitmen who want her dead.

The upshot is that Tim made a mistake in one of his books and that mistake opened a rift between this world and the next. Tim must find out what the mistake was and correct it to set things right.

Peter Straub had me going for the first half of In the Night Room. The emails from dead people were creepy, and Tim’s character, Willy, showing up was mystifying. After that, things got a little corny and predictable. Within a few hours of their meeting, Tim and Willy are madly in love and no matter where they go, the bad guys show up. This was an interesting story idea that just didn’t pan out.

Scott Brick is the bane of my existence. I don’t care for his narration, but he just seems to get all the audiobooks I want to read. Brick reads well enough, his diction is very clear and concise, but he reads with no passion at all.

In the Night Room would probably appeal to a lot of people, but I am not one of them. A different narrator would have made the audiobook more enjoyable, but in the end I think the predictability and stereotyping in this novel will disappoint most readers.

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Special thanks to Carrollton Public Library for this review copy. Audiobook review by Steven Brandt. This audiobook review is based on the unabridged audiobook. Come back soon for more audiobook reviews from Audiobook-Heaven.


joni said...

(fixing typo)

joni said...

Why does the name Tim Underhill sound so darn familiar. I know Frodo was an Underhill in L.O.T.R., but it is just sounding too familiar. hmm. And the book was sounding interesting but then you basically say, "It stinks."

Straub is a co-writer with King sometimes, correct? I guess Kind doesn't where off! ha ha

Stormcrow said...

King and Straub collaborated on a two book series, "The Talisman", and "Black House." I read the first but didn't bother with the second.

Ro said...

I could tell from the start that I wasn't interested even before you said you didn't like it haha! Sounded like a King rip-off from the get go. So glad I'll know not to download it ;)

Thanks again for writing these, this is one of my favorite blogs. Hmmm, methinks I should edit my blog roll...