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Gunman's Tally by L Ron Hubbard (Audiobook Review)

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”Gunman’sGunman’s Tally
by L Ron Hubbard
narrated by Multicast

Series: Golden Age Stories
Copyright: 2013 Galaxy Audio
Duration: 2 hours unabridged
Genres: western, pulp fiction, short fiction
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PUBLISHER’S SUMMARY: Easy Bill Gates, genial landowner of the Las Pinas ranch, unwillingly earns a reputation as a gunman when, in the first (and only) rage of his life, he kills outlaw Fanner Marsten for murdering his brother.

Enter George Barton, an unscrupulous, power-hungry hulk of a man and owner of the adjoining El Rancho Grandisimo, who seeks to add Las Piñas to his holdings. Instead of offering a decent price for the place, Barton hires the fastest and filthiest gunmen alive to run Bill off his land. Now the only law anyone can turn to is Judge Colt . . . revolver.


© 2013 Galaxy Audio

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: In their continuing effort to produce audio versions of some 200 of L Ron Hubbard’s golden age stories, Galaxy Audio offers Gunman’s Tally. This set features two more of Hubbard’s western tales, Gunman’s Tally and Ruin at Rio Piedras. If you only thought of Hubbard as a writer of science fiction then you are in for a real treat as Hubbard’s mighty pen covered much, much more than that genre.

In the title story, Gunman’s Tally, Easy Bill Gates is just about the most mild-mannered man in the west, until, that is, someone guns down his brother. In a red haze of vengeance Bill rides to town and gets the best of the killer in an even match. As it turns out, the man that killed Bill’s brother had a reputation as one of the fastest guns in the west, and now Bill has a reputation of his own whether he wants it or not. Land hungry George Barton wants to add Bill’s ranch to his own vast holdings but he will find that getting the best of Easy Bill Gates is not so easy after all.

In the second feature, Ruin at Rio Piedras, Tumbleweed Lowrie is exiled to Rio Piedras after getting caught messing around with the boss’ daughter, but when the boss needs 2,000 head of cattle from Rio Piedras at short notice, it might be Lowrie’s chance to redeem himself. But there are some nasty cattle rustlers in the area that might have something to say about that.

As with all of Galaxy’s audio productions, Gunman’s Tally is complete with a multicast of talented voice actors, stunning sound effects, and theater-quality music enhancements. It is truly a treat for the senses as the action and drama of Hubbard’s writing stimulates your inner eye. Cast includes the talents of Shane Johnson, R F Daley, Christina Huntington, Jim Meskimen, Phil Proctor, Enn Reitel, Josh R Thompson, and Michael Yurchak.

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Special thanks to Galaxy Audio for this review copy.
Audiobook review by Steven Brandt.
This audiobook review is based on the unabridged audiobook.
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