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Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher (Audiobook Review)

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”SevenSeven Wonders
by Adam Christopher
narrated by Nick Podehl

Copyright: 2012 Brilliance Audio
Duration: 14 hours, 37 minutes unabridged
Genres: science fiction
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PUBLISHER’S SUMMARY: Tony Prosdocimi lives in the bustling Metropolis of San Ventura – a city gripped in fear, a city under siege by the hooded supervillain, The Cowl.

When Tony develops super-powers and acts to take down The Cowl, however, he finds that the local superhero team Seven Wonders aren’t as grateful as he assumed they’d be….

©2012 Adam Christopher (P)2012 Brilliance Audio, Inc.

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: When I was younger I collected comic books. A lot of comic books. Batman was always my favorite, but I also enjoyed Superman, Captain America, Iron Man, The Punisher, and all the rest. It was fun escaping into that world now and then, a place where the good guys might take a beating but in the end they always win, a place where formerly ordinary people can do extra-ordinary things. I haven’t encountered very many novels that are about super heroes so whenever I do, I snatch it up right away. I was excited to see Seven Wonders in a mailing I received from Brilliance Audio.

Seven Wonders has everything I always liked about comic books: 1) good guys, the Seven Wonders are the guardians of San Ventura and range from their all-powerful leader Aurora to a Greek god to a robot, 2) bad guys, the Cowl is the last remaining super villain on the planet and yet the Seven Wonders have never been able to take him down, 3) plenty of action, the battle scenes were well described and exciting to listen to, 4) a little drama, Adam Christopher put more plot twists into his story than I could ever tell you about, several of the characters appear to be one thing but then turn out to be something entirely different, 5) flashy costumes, yes the author describes them nicely, and 6) no romance at all, there’s no better way to ruin a good story than by adding romance. Indeed, I liked Seven Wonders quite a bit and my only real complaint is the language. There was a lot of harsh language in the book that really didn’t need to be there.

Narrator Nick Podehl was a new one for me so I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was a perfectly good narrator who did a nice job with the story. His pacing was good, he added a nice element of excitement during the action scenes, and while his voice characterizations were not great, he at least made an effort to differentiate between the characters. Nick Podehl was an AudioFile Best Voice in Young Adult in 2010 for Swim the Fly, and Best Voice in Young Adult & Fantasy in 2011 for Carter’s Big Break.

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Special thanks to Brilliance Audio for this review copy.
Audiobook review by Steven Brandt.
This audiobook review is based on the unabridged audiobook.
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